Exchange Outfit Diary

No matter how much experience you have with fashion, getting dressed in the morning will always remain a inspirational struggle. I don’t keep track of my outfits every day, but when I travel I take pictures, and I happen to like to express my fashion sense accordingly to the city’s aura for fun. For example, I bring one different pair of earrings per city I have visited so far on exchange. Italy gets the most design-y ones, whereas Prague gets the most neo-bohemian ones.

So I’m using my outfits as a channel to sum up my travels so far, well, the first part. So far, I have visited:

  • Frankfurt
  • Berlin
  • Nuremberg
  • Leipzig
  • Prague
  • Budapest
  • Vienna
  • Milan

I think I’ve always secretly been an 80’s gal more than any other decade, and am therefore secretly happy that it is on trend right now. Probably because my parents’ prime years were during back then and I loved looking at pictures of them living in Kyoto back then. Not just for the fashion, but for the music too. Bryan Ferry, Talking Heads, Dire Straits, etc. This year’s Yves Saint Laurent runway collection reflects it perfectly as well. I enjoy a bit of padded shoulders, paired with high wasted skirts or pants, tinted aviators, patent leather – basically that power woman who’s got the moves.

Here below — raw untouched images —




This personal site has overgrown many changes, mostly towards its identity purpose. It started off simply as a fashion blog, as a teenager influenced by fashion. Then it took more shape with an elaborate layout, still emphasizing style, but taking on a rather critical view why things are the way they are in the fashion world – often a heap of, forgive me, extravagant and attention-seeking sheep… and that’s what also made me take a break from it.

Now I come back, I can’t say in full force, but with a bit more reflection behind this site’s angle. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love fashion, for it’s a way of expressing one’s view of the world and altering the way people view you. I don’t think I will ever get over it, and I don’t think anyone should, because it is one of the many channels of inspirational self-expression, as is art, music and writing.

Allow me to communicate what I am for and what I am against. I am for expressing individualism without looking to stand out, because humility is one of the most powerful qualities in a unique and accomplished person. I am against following trends without any though given to it or with the motive to seek social approval. What I mean is that don’t just showcase clothes, but use them to channel your personality. You are a product of everything you’ve seen and lived and it would be a shame to hide that.

So what’s my point of view on all this? I think that the biggest challenge is to align your personal mindset with an array of dimensions that can all fit into the genre of aesthetics. You are turning the intangible into the specific tangible piece of clothing, word, sketch, or even song. It is in the sum of everything you do where you can start assembling the pieces of the puzzle together and find yourself with a clearer and more beautiful view of the person you are looking at. However, there will always be new pieces that will be added to this complex puzzle.

Finally, this blog will try and capture fragments of who I am.



Fall Flash

…Flash that I should post again.

Had a sudden mid-fashion month epiphany that updating my blog in the midst of an academic whirlwind remains quite pleasing. Just looking at your thread of personal style throughout the years, with a tweak of evolution while remaining recognizable and slightly influenced by trends is quite some satisfying reminiscing.

Where am I right now? In the midst of my second year at HEC Montréal business school. I am getting ready for my exchange in 2017 for Germany with all sorts of annoying paperwork, which makes you hate looking at your own passport. I am involved in a student committee called the Global Business Forum, which efficiently sucks up more of my precious time than expected. Much international, very connection. I am used to a stable overloaded study rhythm, which every classic student promises to perfect this semester, yet ends up crawling its way out of the exam room. I work an office job, which gives me office experience. I am in a happy relationship, which surprisingly takes so much time, but it is so worth it, especially those lazy mornings in bed spent being cute but weird.

Basically I’m in a good period of my life trying to balance today and tomorrow. Cheesy af.

Kay let’s talk a bit fashion as well. I used to remember when it was my passion and I would go to all blogger events, write articles for class about trends and was almost sure that I would have a career in that field. Nah. Still love it, but thank got it wasn’t a It’s not a phase, mom, this is the real me kind of thing. Nevertheless, I have really exploited this in terms of excellent dressing and an advanced sense of aesthetic, which will always take part in my tastes and who I am. I never hesitate to check out the latest trends, and although I know them pretty well just by curiosity, I like to judge them, adapt them to me, but never follow them religiously. I think that only reflects a lack of personality.

So here’s my everyday take on what I presently like in the form of an editorial.




Turtleneck: Theory
Denim dress: Zara

Pictures: Dahye whom I miss quite a bit



Remember that pink flowery diary you decided to start writing in during your early teens? Just took mine out and started reading as far back as to my 2008 year self. And it was a delightful treat. I just turned 20. I’m an adult. I can feel it. And it’s by looking back and trying to decrypt my young mentality that I discovered a clear break.

Now it is obvious because time and distance have enabled me to notice how much I’ve evolved. When I was younger, I would choose to write about such random, irrelevant things yet that I judged pertinent. I would like to categorize my friends, complain about small issues like my sister telling people that I’m selling my comic strips, etc. At some point I started going to parties and I would try and describe every single detail and boy that touched my back (omg). Now I would never write about these kind of things. My thoughts are much more abstract, vast and ambitious. If I were to write again, it would most likely be aspirations, job issues, idk boring adult stuff. I would still like to talk about micro-events and society, like friends, BOYS (like, duh, this is a diary), and things that stand out much more from the ordinary life.

But that’s what I liked about reading from my younger self. I dramatized such normal, plain, useless things that would happen in my life into journal-worthy markings. I entered the mind of a child – the most relevant child, myself, once again. And that is why I will promise myself to keep on writing here and there. Who knows how my uni student thoughts will look in the eyes of my 35 year old self?


Bag: Rag&Bone
Top: Joseph Ribkoff
Trousers: Zara
Heels: Aldo

Photos: Dahye






Lily of the Valley

I simply love editorial shoots! They’re always very moody and impromptu I find. They also reflect more personality than streetstyle photos, though both have their pros and cons.

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Photos by Coline Bachelier, Montréal.



Involving Elegance

Dat feeling when you’ve had a summer so chill you just want to hit the books again.

But in the business field especially, grades aren’t the only criteria for success in the workfield. Like a single lady, put yo self out there, in the relevant environments, and meet those people and make those connections. What a mentality eh. In school, getting involved can definitely create a path to that kind of success. In my case, I’ve always been drawn towards international business, yet unfortunately a degree in that field is nothing concrete. That is why obtaining a hard skill enabling you to strive even further in the field you aim for is the most practical and realistic option I believe. Plot twist, I’m getting involved in a student commitee this year relevant to my interests. It’s a compromise and a win-win situation. Realists would agree. Perhaps nihilists as well.

Taking the off-shoulder trend towards a more classic shift, with this dress that I got two years ago before the trend literally exploded, not to brag or anything. Every time you go out, the typical outfit you’ll see is some girl with an off-shoulder top and a choker. It is nice, while nevertheless being too easy at this point.

Back a while ago I posted a lot about defining our own style, which I belive is much more important than following trends. For example, so many people were into that minimalistic phase two years ago or so, but most have totally gotten over it because it simply doesn’t truly speak to them. To those who truly correspond, it will forever continue to be relevant while remaining in constant evolution, and that’s totally fine.

Anyway, sometimes, out of pure lifestyle manner or practicality can emerge some unique stylistic attributes to yourself. For one I have recently established that I am officialy an earring person. Why? Simple. I have always loved them. But that isn’t all. I choose earrings over any other type of jewelry because rings have always been impracticle when I played piano, I find necklaces too obstructive for outfits in general and am simply too lazy to put on and take off bracelets. Besides, I usually wear big, unique earrings and am always sure to make a statement. It is simply part of my signature style at this point.

PS: You should read 1984

(It’s actually scary how Trump and other psycho forms of government, sitting or potential, are foreshadowed in this dystopian novel.)

IMG_9792 (1)IMG_9788 (1)IMG_9783 (1)IMG_9780 (1)IMG_9778 (1)IMG_9771 (1)IMG_9770 (1)IMG_9756 (1)IMG_9741 (1)IMG_9746 (1) (1)IMG_9735 (1)IMG_9737IMG_9726IMG_9716IMG_9709IMG_9706

Series by HeyDahye


Katia xx

Playboy Shanghai

What I find funny about the bodysuit trend is that half the time it just looks like a really tight top, with a free wedgie included. Nevertheless it does look pretty good, especially when backless, as basics are currently being pushed in the fashion world.

I have finally quit American Apparel after 3 tireless years there(!), and while I don’t regret quitting, I do miss it, especially the people I have met there. All of them, no exception, were out going, open-minded and non-conformed to the mass beings. That aside, I can now allow myself to cherry-pick the items that I recommend, as well as the ones that I think you should stay away from. Recall that everything is sweatshop-free and made in downtown LA, notoriously pushed slogan of theirs.

Recommended: JEAAAAAANS. All their denim is premium and super well made. Actually, my all time favourite jeans come from there, known as the Pencil Jean. They’re super comfy and adjust to your shape, while keeping the authentic feel and material quality. I actually have two exact same ones, and same goes for the easy jeans and the high waisted shorts. SWIMWEAR. No where else can you find such classic yet sultry silhouettes. The pricing comes down to the same as your average swimsuit, and the material is uniform everywhere you go, so I couldn’t recommend anything better! BASICS. Cotton t-shirts, leggings, n’ stuff, timeless with every possible hue available, as well as as the buy 2 get the 3rd 50% off to push you a bit more to consume. GOING OUT. You can free your inner hoe at AA, no problemo. There are some sexy outfit combos that you can always grab last minute since we’re always open later than your average store, and trust me, the sales associate has too much fun helping you create your look. Don’t worry, there are lots of appropriate and borderline conservative pieces as well. This category includes BODYSUITS.

Those were my fave categories, but I also recommend their classic sweaters (they last) and their non-tacky looking lingerie.

Watch out: WHITE ITEMS are almost always transparent. Unless it’s part of your look, it gets kind of annoying. RAYON. Oh my gosh as soon as you buy it it wrinkles, though rayon everywhere is like that. Bonus: it’s overpriced for what it is and shrinks instantly in the washing machine. HOISERY. Unless it’s for their opaque stockings, the rest rip. Trust, even when I get them for free they rip after the 3rd time you wear them. BODYCONS. Just don’t anymore. They’re on sale for a reason. FLORAL PRINTS. For a mysterious reason I ignore, they continue to release some peculiar floral prints, and for another mysterious reason, they get worse every year. Like, they can’t even fit into the underground/ hipster/ internet cool/ grandma categories, let alone being trendy.

There ya go, some honest applause and ranting towards the company I worked in.

Now, a classic combo of bodysuits and denim, spiced up with a choker à la Lily Rose Depp, and a thrifted Shanghai Playboy button up – a jewel that I found recently – topped off with some night flash photography.

IMG_9995IMG_9991 (1)IMG_9990 (1)IMG_9985IMG_9982IMG_9976IMG_0011IMG_0005

Pictures by Dahye, whom I won’t see for a year since we’re both going to study abroad. Crazy where life can take you.