There is no in between

Oh Amsterdam. Or should I say the Netherlands. You simply cannot go wrong with this country. Everything is accessible, efficient, easy enough for everyone to figure out, not to mention pittoresque everywhere you go. I’ll cut straight to the chase with this post, since the focus is all the pictures I took. And below, a short […]

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Exchange Outfit Diary

No matter how much experience you have with fashion, getting dressed in the morning will always remain a inspirational struggle. I don’t keep track of my outfits every day, but when I travel I take pictures, and I happen to like to express my fashion sense accordingly to the city’s aura for fun. For example, […]

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NOT YOUR TYPICAL BEAUTY This personal site has overgrown many changes, mostly towards its identity purpose. It started off simply as a fashion blog, as a teenager influenced by fashion. Then it took more shape with an elaborate layout, still emphasizing style, but taking on a rather critical view why things are the way they […]

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Fall Flash

…Flash that I should post again. Had a sudden mid-fashion month epiphany that updating my blog in the midst of an academic whirlwind remains quite pleasing. Just looking at your thread of personal style throughout the years, with a tweak of evolution while remaining recognizable and slightly influenced by trends is quite some satisfying reminiscing. […]

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Remember that pink flowery diary you decided to start writing in during your early teens? Just took mine out and started reading as far back as to my 2008 year self. And it was a delightful treat. I just turned 20. I’m an adult. I can feel it. And it’s by looking back and trying […]

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Lily of the Valley

I simply love editorial shoots! They’re always very moody and impromptu I find. They also reflect more personality than streetstyle photos, though both have their pros and cons. Photos by Coline Bachelier, Montréal. Enjoy! Katia

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Involving Elegance

Dat feeling when you’ve had a summer so chill you just want to hit the books again. But in the business field especially, grades aren’t the only criteria for success in the workfield. Like a single lady, put yo self out there, in the relevant environments, and meet those people and make those connections. What […]

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Playboy Shanghai

What I find funny about the bodysuit trend is that half the time it just looks like a really tight top, with a free wedgie included. Nevertheless it does look pretty good, especially when backless, as basics are currently being pushed in the fashion world. I have finally quit American Apparel after 3 tireless years […]

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Wake Up Call

I just came back from an eye-opening and unforgettable trip to Europe. Started off in Toulouse, then Lloret del Mar, then good ol’ touristy Paris. The saddest part is when you come back to reality, and you have to live with the ghost of constant separation from what you treasure too much. Anyway, here are some […]

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I attended an all girls’ high school. ‘Cool’ you might say. ‘Yes, cool, definitely, but not on some levels of detail’ I would reply. See, recently I just realized I have failed to grasp some life fundamentals – the unspoken social specifics. Oh, how much have I lost already, how much unnecessary pain has it […]

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