Exchange Outfit Diary

No matter how much experience you have with fashion, getting dressed in the morning will always remain a inspirational struggle. I don’t keep track of my outfits every day, but when I travel I take pictures, and I happen to like to express my fashion sense accordingly to the city’s aura for fun. For example, I bring one different pair of earrings per city I have visited so far on exchange. Italy gets the most design-y ones, whereas Prague gets the most neo-bohemian ones.

So I’m using my outfits as a channel to sum up my travels so far, well, the first part. So far, I have visited:

  • Frankfurt
  • Berlin
  • Nuremberg
  • Leipzig
  • Prague
  • Budapest
  • Vienna
  • Milan

I think I’ve always secretly been an 80’s gal more than any other decade, and am therefore secretly happy that it is on trend right now. Probably because my parents’ prime years were during back then and I loved looking at pictures of them living in Kyoto back then. Not just for the fashion, but for the music too. Bryan Ferry, Talking Heads, Dire Straits, etc. This year’s Yves Saint Laurent runway collection reflects it perfectly as well. I enjoy a bit of padded shoulders, paired with high wasted skirts or pants, tinted aviators, patent leather – basically that power woman who’s got the moves.

Here below — raw untouched images —



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