This personal site has overgrown many changes, mostly towards its identity purpose. It started off simply as a fashion blog, as a teenager influenced by fashion. Then it took more shape with an elaborate layout, still emphasizing style, but taking on a rather critical view why things are the way they are in the fashion world – often a heap of, forgive me, extravagant and attention-seeking sheep… and that’s what also made me take a break from it.

Now I come back, I can’t say in full force, but with a bit more reflection behind this site’s angle. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love fashion, for it’s a way of expressing one’s view of the world and altering the way people view you. I don’t think I will ever get over it, and I don’t think anyone should, because it is one of the many channels of inspirational self-expression, as is art, music and writing.

Allow me to communicate what I am for and what I am against. I am for expressing individualism without looking to stand out, because humility is one of the most powerful qualities in a unique and accomplished person. I am against following trends without any though given to it or with the motive to seek social approval. What I mean is that don’t just showcase clothes, but use them to channel your personality. You are a product of everything you’ve seen and lived and it would be a shame to hide that.

So what’s my point of view on all this? I think that the biggest challenge is to align your personal mindset with an array of dimensions that can all fit into the genre of aesthetics. You are turning the intangible into the specific tangible piece of clothing, word, sketch, or even song. It is in the sum of everything you do where you can start assembling the pieces of the puzzle together and find yourself with a clearer and more beautiful view of the person you are looking at. However, there will always be new pieces that will be added to this complex puzzle.

Finally, this blog will try and capture fragments of who I am.




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