Fall Flash

…Flash that I should post again.

Had a sudden mid-fashion month epiphany that updating my blog in the midst of an academic whirlwind remains quite pleasing. Just looking at your thread of personal style throughout the years, with a tweak of evolution while remaining recognizable and slightly influenced by trends is quite some satisfying reminiscing.

Where am I right now? In the midst of my second year at HEC Montréal business school. I am getting ready for my exchange in 2017 for Germany with all sorts of annoying paperwork, which makes you hate looking at your own passport. I am involved in a student committee called the Global Business Forum, which efficiently sucks up more of my precious time than expected. Much international, very connection. I am used to a stable overloaded study rhythm, which every classic student promises to perfect this semester, yet ends up crawling its way out of the exam room. I work an office job, which gives me office experience. I am in a happy relationship, which surprisingly takes so much time, but it is so worth it, especially those lazy mornings in bed spent being cute but weird.

Basically I’m in a good period of my life trying to balance today and tomorrow. Cheesy af.

Kay let’s talk a bit fashion as well. I used to remember when it was my passion and I would go to all blogger events, write articles for class about trends and was almost sure that I would have a career in that field. Nah. Still love it, but thank got it wasn’t a It’s not a phase, mom, this is the real me kind of thing. Nevertheless, I have really exploited this in terms of excellent dressing and an advanced sense of aesthetic, which will always take part in my tastes and who I am. I never hesitate to check out the latest trends, and although I know them pretty well just by curiosity, I like to judge them, adapt them to me, but never follow them religiously. I think that only reflects a lack of personality.

So here’s my everyday take on what I presently like in the form of an editorial.




Turtleneck: Theory
Denim dress: Zara

Pictures: Dahye whom I miss quite a bit



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