Involving Elegance

Dat feeling when you’ve had a summer so chill you just want to hit the books again.

But in the business field especially, grades aren’t the only criteria for success in the workfield. Like a single lady, put yo self out there, in the relevant environments, and meet those people and make those connections. What a mentality eh. In school, getting involved can definitely create a path to that kind of success. In my case, I’ve always been drawn towards international business, yet unfortunately a degree in that field is nothing concrete. That is why obtaining a hard skill enabling you to strive even further in the field you aim for is the most practical and realistic option I believe. Plot twist, I’m getting involved in a student commitee this year relevant to my interests. It’s a compromise and a win-win situation. Realists would agree. Perhaps nihilists as well.

Taking the off-shoulder trend towards a more classic shift, with this dress that I got two years ago before the trend literally exploded, not to brag or anything. Every time you go out, the typical outfit you’ll see is some girl with an off-shoulder top and a choker. It is nice, while nevertheless being too easy at this point.

Back a while ago I posted a lot about defining our own style, which I belive is much more important than following trends. For example, so many people were into that minimalistic phase two years ago or so, but most have totally gotten over it because it simply doesn’t truly speak to them. To those who truly correspond, it will forever continue to be relevant while remaining in constant evolution, and that’s totally fine.

Anyway, sometimes, out of pure lifestyle manner or practicality can emerge some unique stylistic attributes to yourself. For one I have recently established that I am officialy an earring person. Why? Simple. I have always loved them. But that isn’t all. I choose earrings over any other type of jewelry because rings have always been impracticle when I played piano, I find necklaces too obstructive for outfits in general and am simply too lazy to put on and take off bracelets. Besides, I usually wear big, unique earrings and am always sure to make a statement. It is simply part of my signature style at this point.

PS: You should read 1984

(It’s actually scary how Trump and other psycho forms of government, sitting or potential, are foreshadowed in this dystopian novel.)

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Katia xx


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