Playboy Shanghai

What I find funny about the bodysuit trend is that half the time it just looks like a really tight top, with a free wedgie included. Nevertheless it does look pretty good, especially when backless, as basics are currently being pushed in the fashion world.

I have finally quit American Apparel after 3 tireless years there(!), and while I don’t regret quitting, I do miss it, especially the people I have met there. All of them, no exception, were out going, open-minded and non-conformed to the mass beings. That aside, I can now allow myself to cherry-pick the items that I recommend, as well as the ones that I think you should stay away from. Recall that everything is sweatshop-free and made in downtown LA, notoriously pushed slogan of theirs.

Recommended: JEAAAAAANS. All their denim is premium and super well made. Actually, my all time favourite jeans come from there, known as the Pencil Jean. They’re super comfy and adjust to your shape, while keeping the authentic feel and material quality. I actually have two exact same ones, and same goes for the easy jeans and the high waisted shorts. SWIMWEAR. No where else can you find such classic yet sultry silhouettes. The pricing comes down to the same as your average swimsuit, and the material is uniform everywhere you go, so I couldn’t recommend anything better! BASICS. Cotton t-shirts, leggings, n’ stuff, timeless with every possible hue available, as well as as the buy 2 get the 3rd 50% off to push you a bit more to consume. GOING OUT. You can free your inner hoe at AA, no problemo. There are some sexy outfit combos that you can always grab last minute since we’re always open later than your average store, and trust me, the sales associate has too much fun helping you create your look. Don’t worry, there are lots of appropriate and borderline conservative pieces as well. This category includes BODYSUITS.

Those were my fave categories, but I also recommend their classic sweaters (they last) and their non-tacky looking lingerie.

Watch out: WHITE ITEMS are almost always transparent. Unless it’s part of your look, it gets kind of annoying. RAYON. Oh my gosh as soon as you buy it it wrinkles, though rayon everywhere is like that. Bonus: it’s overpriced for what it is and shrinks instantly in the washing machine. HOISERY. Unless it’s for their opaque stockings, the rest rip. Trust, even when I get them for free they rip after the 3rd time you wear them. BODYCONS. Just don’t anymore. They’re on sale for a reason. FLORAL PRINTS. For a mysterious reason I ignore, they continue to release some peculiar floral prints, and for another mysterious reason, they get worse every year. Like, they can’t even fit into the underground/ hipster/ internet cool/ grandma categories, let alone being trendy.

There ya go, some honest applause and ranting towards the company I worked in.

Now, a classic combo of bodysuits and denim, spiced up with a choker à la Lily Rose Depp, and a thrifted Shanghai Playboy button up – a jewel that I found recently – topped off with some night flash photography.

IMG_9995IMG_9991 (1)IMG_9990 (1)IMG_9985IMG_9982IMG_9976IMG_0011IMG_0005

Pictures by Dahye, whom I won’t see for a year since we’re both going to study abroad. Crazy where life can take you.




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