More of an inspirational board this time.

Once upon a time, Katia dresses basic. But forgive me, sometimes practicality prevails over complication, especially on tiresome mornings at uni where there is zero motivation to wear more than leggings and a sweatshirt. Pulled out some timeless basics and combined them with a few micro-trends. In other words,

  • dark grey skinnies (timeless),
  • a silk tank (luxe),
  • along with a deconstructed blazer (professionalism),
  • complimented with loafers (menswear)
  • and finally, a delicate string tied to my neck (seventies).

Speaking of leggings and sweatshirts, let’s talk culturally typical “uniforms”.  Have you ever noticed that depending on the sociocultural environment in which you’ve bloomed, you tend to incline to an almost stereotypical style? Let me give an example. In a contemporary urban North American setting, a recurring female student outfit would converge towards leggings, a sweatshirt, and some variation of combat boots. Although not indefinite and exclusively limited to that, it pretty much sums it up. Nothing special, right, even obvious. Now, where the variation is stressed is that this “basic” uniform completely differs within other cultures (let’s not even mention subcultures). Attending a college with a lot of French students, it is interesting to observe their take on this uniform: all black everything, especially black skinnies, a cocoon coat, a HUGE scarf, and above all white kicks.

Are these patterns bad? Not at all, but it just shows how easy it is to recognize a culture nowadays just through the way they dress. That concept certainly isn’t breaking news. As a matter of fact, outfitting remains one of the most distinctive parts of a heritage. But the difference resides in the fact that today’s worldwide fashion is more closely knitted than ever, along with the push of social media and all of its jet-setters, pushing towards a general stylistic convergence. Furthermore, all of this is observable in one city, within one single institution. My question is, to what extent will these differences still be observable in the future? Who knows, but hopefully we won’t all be wearing the same goofy retro-futuristic suits anytime soon.


IMG_5652IMG_5787IMG_5793IMG_5799IMG_5800IMG_5801IMG_5802IMG_5807IMG_5811IMG_5812IMG_5813 (1)IMG_5815 (1)IMG_5556IMG_5560IMG_5565IMG_5573IMG_5578IMG_5585IMG_5602IMG_5615IMG_5632IMG_5634IMG_5647IMG_5649

Photos by the lovely Dahye




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