Either you go high or go low in the world of necklines for me. High, for confident, reserved, proper and powerful times. Rather than turtlenecks, mocknecks kill it in terms of shape, hinting superhero/spies’ uniforms in action movies. Low for the osé times. The neckline speaks for your actions.

1:32 pm Reflecting; here I am intertwined in my thoughts that are trying to surface through the illogicality of my subconscious being. When so much immateriality boils in my mind I don’t know where to start to channel it. Self-control at its most vulnerable, there is a lack of concreteness that is intolerable during an exam. My eyes glance meaninglessly from a chair piled up with worn clothes from midterms dimly lit by the rays of autumnal sun, to the dancing shadows on the wall of my exotic plants. From this I draw nothing but empty inspiration. An accumulation of small, meaningful moments lock in my head and I think what are the odds that all of these happen. Yet I can’t focus on one single thought, the exterior world is ever-going but I only feel it static at the moment. This is a state of mind – to withdraw into oneself and to think about all and nothing – is a profoundly human one, and describing it is quite peculiar, pointless even, but liberating.

IMG_9814 IMG_9785 IMG_9778 IMG_9747 IMG_9743 IMG_9700 IMG_9698 IMG_9689 IMG_9593 IMG_9583 IMG_9577 IMG_9566 IMG_9564 IMG_9557 IMG_9545




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