Sharp Shards

Transferring runway trends into streetstyle can take an entire fashion cycle. When the “pleb” finally consents into adopting it, most top-notch fashion bloggers slash trendsetters will already have swept out. What possible interest can they find in wearing sneels when everyone already Instagrammed their pair and Forever21 has adopted its own replica. Their very point of existing is being ahead and influencing our fashion decisions. Avant-garde, as they say.

When a particular trend hits the masses, it also experiences a transfiguration. Starting off as some über-minimalist-man-repelling idea or flowy-boho-maxi-gowns, it slowly pushes its ways through the levels of social acceptance and “wearableness”. I’ve noticed that a trend becomes the most adopted if it aligns with one of the following factors: originality, comfort and sexiness. Now if all three are satisfied, the trend transcends its ephemeral status and earns the right to timelessness. This season, borrowed from the prominent Seventies macro-trend, the winner is the button-up skirt. Everyone loves a mini-skirt with a sultry silhouette, while being able fit in the aesthetically appealing world of fashion. Bonus points if it’s suede or midi – you really must be going out of your way.

Like grammar, there will always be exceptions to the rule. Culottes is the most flagrant example. They defy every level of traditional femininity, yet have become a bold staple embraced among bloggers, and bloggers only must I specify, since they are still too “trendy”. Nevertheless, boyfriend jeans (and menswear in general) are the living proof that despite the lack of sexiness in its traditional definition, I can’t think of one gal who doesn’t own a pair. It also contains a symbolic meaning to double-standard dressing, allowing women not just to be restrained to skirts and dresses. The whole effortless boyfriend look is now even considered sexy, whereas it would have clearly been attacked in the 50s.

So how do I myself play around with this trend? Below is the answer.

IMG_9476 IMG_9466 IMG_9460 IMG_9456 IMG_9454 IMG_9452 (1) IMG_9447

Photos by Marissa 🙂




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