Symphonie Fantastique

A 9-year-old musical genius and fellow pianist of mine decided to share his favourite work with me: Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique. More specifically, he asked me to check out the 4th movement entitled March of the Scaffold. Rather dark for a little boy, I thought. Also surprisingly not your standard Mozart of Beethoven. Immediately however, I plunged into the piece’s twisted setting and was awfully impressed by his taste. So on a quiet afternoon at my little computer corner, an apple in my mouth, I looked up this piece’s origins – quite particular indeed. A hopeless love in the midst of the romantic era leading the composer to write this piece while consuming opium, turned into a five-movement favourite of the French people. Almost an autobiography, Berlioz himself notes. I realize that I can absolutely love popular music, but remains that I cannot be impressed by it, as opposed to classical music. I also realize that the fact that this symphony has a story to it makes it so much more interesting. Each of the five movements represent a stage in the story, the final one sweeping the auditor away into a macabre world of shades and witches dancing at the lover’s funeral through sound alone, that is. It is a whole universe worth entering.
It finally feels like summer here in Montreal, and boy am I glad to wear light layers. Liiiiiiinen pleated pants add structure to an opened top, and the soft colours scream summer.

Pictures by Dahye!
Top and Trousers: American Apparel
Monk-strap creepers: Zara



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