Flared Flair

My friend once invented an inspirational quote to make fun of all of the ones out there: “If you always say no, then you’ll never say yes“, I think it was. Horrible indeed, but there is some truth to it if you think about it. There are so many opportunities that require stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and if your brain is always dictating you to remain a couch potato, so many of them will have slipped away. In other words, yolo (also horrible).

On a different train of thought, I am tackling two trends at once – double denim and the omnipresent seventies. I really do love wearing flares once in a while, but I’m still just experimenting. Recently I’ve been looking for my signature everything, whether it’s style or perfume. I think I’m inclining towards natural fabrics such as silk and linen, a little bit more flowy and feminine, but I’m still quite unsure of where I’m heading. Nevertheless, the seventies being in just means that thrifting is back!

Denim shirt and trench coat: vintage owns
Flared jeans: Zara
Sherpa crossbody: Ecoté (Urban Outfitters)




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