New York Fashion Week FW’15 is on! Although I don’t follow it religiously, I do get a decent peek at it from some seriously committed bloggers instagramming looks almost every hour, hence filling my feed with their trendiest selection. It’s honestly crazy how much these bloggers have changed the fashion industry in so little time (say, 5-7 years?). The runway was once upon a time a place for the privileged minority of fashion elites, and now, the seats are overflowing with this new wave of  mainstream bloggers. That is because they pretty much all have a massive database of followers – an audience they can reach out to and instantly promote a brand name from the click of a button. With the rise of social media emerged a completely new way to advertise, and these bloggers are definitely killing it. It’s a win-win situation. On the one hand, they advertise products and brands, hopefully credibly as they reflect their personal style along with it, and on the other hand, they get exclusive benefits, such as going backstage in the fashion shows, designer parties, and a TON of free clothes. As a matter of fact, the ‘blogger queen’ Chiara Ferragni is so successful that her case is currently being studied at Harvard Business School. Crazy.

Humbly below is my look, featuring my beloved white leather skirt, a cobalt blue turtleneck and a grid top. Best way to wear a somewhat revealing top during our harsh weather? Layer it under a turtleneck!
Photos: Dahye 🙂
All American Apparel look.

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