Turtleneck Hair

Reformation is one of my favorite brands. I openly assert this because I am 100% supportive of their business model. It’s not even innovative, it’s just that it manages to combine every positive marketing aspect fast fashion can incorporate. Sultry and flowy dresses is their specialty – Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are often spotted raiding the entire boutique in NYC or L.A., they have gorgeous boho-but-not-over-the-top models pose dynamically, humourous captions, collaborations with top notch bloggers, but most importantly, they are sweatshop free (made in downtown L.A., just like American Apparel) and super environmentally friendly. Besides, their CEO Yaya is practically a model. Don’t know what else I can ask for from a retail.
Combined a man-repelling top with a night out asymmetrical skirt and BOOM here is the result.

Photos: David Sénécal 😀
Turtleneck: vintage
Skirt: Asobio
Bag and heels: Zara



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